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These photography courses are designed to be suitable for people of differing abilities from the beginner or phone user to keen amateurs and up to those who would like to get their images published.  The courses can be online or on location such as in London.  Each course starts with helping people set up their cameras or phones.  Below are the one hour online or two and half hour on location courses available


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This is based on course run in and around tower Bridge in London using iconic buildings as subjects.  It begins by looking at how to set the camera or phone up to get the very highest quality images from what ever device you are using.  The course looks at how the use of different lenses (or zoom settings), types of lighting, foregrounds, backgrounds and composition all of which can make a real difference to the final image.


People and Portraiture

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The course can be done online or in-situ and explains some of the techniques that can be employed to really enhance your people photography.  During the course we look at the effect of lens (zoom) settings, the use of different qualities of natural light, composition etc. that can be used to create a great final image.


Low Light and Flash Photography

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This course usually takes place during late afternoon/dusk in situ so that the challenges of low light and eventually night photography can be explained.  For this course a flashgun and tripod is helpful but not essential.  In this course we learn to override some of the automatic functions found on many cameras and phones so that we can get truly interesting long exposure and subtle flash photography.


Flower Photography

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This course is particularly useful to florists and those with a fascination for cultivated and wildflowers.  In this course we look at what is possible with straight forward phones and simple camera set ups.  We also look at the merits of a macro lens for close-ups.  The course is based on years of experience photographing for books and magazines for organisations such as the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and the Eden Project.


Tree Photography

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Trees are a particularly helpful and forgiving subject on which to learn photographic techniques.  They generally don’t move much and provide great opportunities throughout the changing seasons.  On this course we look at how to take advantage of different qualities and angles of light and highlight the importance of composition and the inclusion of good foreground and background in producing a great image.


Graffiti and Street Photography

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I usually run this course either in and around Camden Market or Brick Lane in East London.  The collection of street art is constantly changing.   We look at ways of creating great images that include graffiti or interesting people.


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